Ceramic Coating

Opti-Coat Pro is silicon carbide ceramic coating made for protecting paint. When applied on top of the factory clear coat it bonds to that factory coat and intensifies gloss, adds paint protection for the vehicle. While adding protection from and other substances. Opti-Coat Pro repels water and increases the gloss of the vehicle’s paint. It is not a wax or a sealant; rather, it is a ceramic coating that provides superior protection for the long-term.



Good Investment - The ceramic coating will protect the exterior and interior of the vehicle from deteriorating for a lifetime. The resale market value will therefore be substantially higher.

Looks New All The Time - Once the coating is applied, you will see a mirror effect, glossiness, and color depth incomparable to anything else! With proper maintenance, the finish of your car will shine for many years to come.

Less Maintenance The slick coated surface won't allow dust and tar to stick to your paint, wheels, or glass. This makes washing your vehicle less labor-intensive and less frequent. Waxing is now obsolete, never wax your vehicle again

Ceramic Coating

Prep Vehicle - Hand Wash, Cleaning of Rims & Tires, Dressing of Tires, Cleaning of Windows and Door Jambs.

Clay Bar - Our clay bar treatment safely removes contamination on the surface of the paint that remains after a regular wash. Leaves your car feeling like glass

Iron Remover- This step removes brake dust, iron deposits, and other embedded metallic contamination from wheels and body panels before they can destroy your car.

Polish- The objective of polishing is to remove any paint imperfections such as swirls, scratches, oxidation, watermarks & industrial fallout

Coating Application - This is the final step to protect and preserve your paint.



Hand Wash, Clay Bar, Iron Remover, 1 Year Ceramic Coating Application (Paint Correction can be added)
Price: Starts at $499            |              Estimated Time:
5 Hours

Hand Wash, Clay Bar, Iron Remover, One Step Correction, Paint Prep, 5 Year Ceramic Application.
Price: Starts at $1299            |              Estimated Time:
24-48 Hours

Level 3 
Hand Wash, Clay Bar, Iron Remover, One Step Paint Correction, Paint Prep,7 Year Ceramic Application
Price: Starts at $1699            |              Estimated Time:
24-48 Hours

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